Relax We're All Crazy
Relax We're All Crazy
Relax We're All Crazy
Relax We're All Crazy
Relax We're All Crazy
Relax We're All Crazy

Relax We're All Crazy

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If you are in search of inspiration gifts for your loved ones, home decor can be just what you need. Our wall art was created with the intention of bringing positivity and confidence thanks to its meaningful quote. It adds a little extra something to any interior and can become one of the best gifts for women and men. 

  • TOP-QUALITY MATERIALS – when creating our decorative signs, we use exclusively high-quality materials. As a result, the plaques are extremely durable, nice to the touch, and will last you forever.
  • EXCELLENT DECORATION FOR YOUR HOME – our signs fit perfectly into various interiors and provide an element of interest to the room. A combination of a positive message and stylish design makes it an ideal wall decor.
  • MODERN TECHNOLOGY – the products we sell are created using a 3D laser technology, so you can be sure that all lines are crisp and clean. The entire manufacturing process is eco-friendly and we take proper care when it comes to the safety of our employees.
  • EXCLUSIVE CONSTRUCTION – we are focused on creating simple and timeless constructions. It’s important that all our decorative accessories are durable and can withstand the test of time.
  • 4 MULTI-COLORED INSERTS FOR MORE VARIETY – a wall decor comes with 4 inserts in different colors that are used to change the color of the letters. Such inserts can help adapt the decoration to the interior or make sure that a person you give it to can choose the color that they like the most. The inserts come in 4 colors: white, pink, blue, and black.


Our company charges extra for delivery. This extra charge is dependent on the rates for delivery for each country according to An Post. This charge is subject to change.

Ireland: 6€, Two or more Items 5€ per item.

Uk: 10€, Two or more Items 9€ per item.

Europe:12€, Two or more Items 10€ per item.

Rest of the world: 15€, Two or more Items 12€ per item.

We will provide our customers with a full refund or replacement of service within 30 days if our product breaks of is not of expected quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
My favorite phrase

RELAX is my favorite word! When I saw this plaque, I ordered it the very second. Now it stands on my desk, and instead of saying this word, I show my colleagues a sign. Very fun and uplifting! Thank you!

Jay 54
stylish and fancy

One of the best opportunities for an unusual present. I am fascinated with this idea! Thank you so much. The product is very useful, it looks stylish and fancy. I am happy with the shopping in every sense! I would love to see more alternatives with quotes. Then I will definitely do an extra order.

Gary Styles
I want my order!

I placed my order more than a month ago and it still has not come! Now, I understand the difficulty of delivering packages from Europe, but this is just too much! I don’t know if I should go for a refund already, but if it’s not here the next two days I want my money back.

Brenda pikabo
This time the delivery is awful!

This is nothing like my previous orders! I used to get all my packages in time and well cared of. This time it was a mess! I don’t know what happened… Well, given that it came all the way from Europe, a lot could happen, of course. But the package was squished, the plaque is all scratched, even the inserts don’t look exactly fresh.

Amily Horror
Not full order

All in all, the plaque is just fine, I like the wood. I wanted to put it in our study for my husband, but I did hope for the black insert. Unfortunately, this one I did not get. I understand that it happens sometimes, but your goal is to prevent it.