One Small Positive New Design
One Small Positive New Design
One Small Positive New Design
One Small Positive New Design
One Small Positive New Design
One Small Positive New Design
One Small Positive New Design
One Small Positive New Design
One Small Positive New Design
One Small Positive New Design

One Small Positive New Design

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  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - The frame and panels (matte white) of inspirational wall art are made of high quality, reliable, durable, light, and eco-friendly MDF wood. Thanks to that wall decor will last you for years.
  • STYLISH OFFICE DECOR - Decorate your office with motivating and inspiring lines of the wall art plaque. It fits perfectly and can become a part of an elegant interior of your office,home, classroom, cubicle decor and much more.
  • HI-TECH TECHNOLOGY - With high precision and quality, the text cutting is made with the new modern 3D laser cutting technology, which gives wood wall art its unique views.
  • UNIQUE CONSTRUCTION - Convenient and straightforward construction of the cubicle decor with the sturdy frame and several protective caps that cover the main canvas and a sheet of colored paper, protect your design from moisture, dust, and dirt.That can be hung on the wall or stand nicely on your tabletop.
  • SPECIAL SET OF 4 MULTI-COLORED INSERTS – Wow! You can easily change the color of the letters on the chalkboard inspiration! Also, you can buy and pick your own colored inserts. SET Colors: black, blue, white, pink.


Our company charges extra for delivery. This extra charge is dependent on the rates for delivery for each country according to An Post. This charge is subject to change.

Ireland: 6€, Two or more Items 5€ per item.

Uk: 10€, Two or more Items 9€ per item.

Europe:12€, Two or more Items 10€ per item.

Rest of the world: 15€, Two or more Items 12€ per item.

We will provide our customers with a full refund or replacement of service within 30 days if our product breaks of is not of expected quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Will never order from you again

This order is an utter disappointment. Why should I wait for two and a half weeks for something I paid 14 bucks, then get it in a pretty questionable state only to discover that it is incomplete? On top of the waiting time and scratches you forgot to add my insert… Disappointment.

My package seems to be lost

It’s been three weeks since I have placed my order. I have checked it and double-checked it and everything seems correct. But my package it nowhere to be seen. I really don’t know what to think. I hope this is just some kind of mistake and I will get my order sooner or later.

Dreadful attitude towards delivery system

I really don’t know if I’d ever consider ordering from you again… I get it that your plaques are of nice quality and made of great materials, but if your attitude to delivery doesn’t change all that will be in vain. There are two big scratches on my plaque and now I have no other option than to hang it even though it was meant for a bedside table.

You messed up my order

I got someone else’s order. The quote is different, the carving is different, even the inserts are in colors I’ve never ordered. Now I have a useless plaque with a quote that doesn’t match the occasion it was meant for. I hope I’ll be able to gift in to someone in time.

Your delivery time is ridiculous

It expected my package within the first week after I ordered it at max. There are tons of comments where people say that your delivery is fast and all, but I waited for almost a month! In my opinion, this is unacceptable. At least, the plaque is of good quality.