About us


Contemporary Decor & Gift Products combining Art & Technology!

Created in 2014, Kauza has spent 2 years figuring out how to fit electronics components inside, do a perfect finish of wooden frame, quickly produce vector designs, paint finish, attach acrylic glass, embed LED and achieve truly beautiful and personalised customer experience.

Our design
Kauza is a manufacturer and online retailer of its unique 3D wall pictures, clocks and other products for home and office, specialising in interior design and décor. Kauza combines modern art, innovative design and laser cutting technology. Products are made in Europe using wooden frame, acrylic glass, LEDs and electronics with beautiful finish.

Our designs
Kauza’s products are wall pictures, wall clocks and other accessories combining art and technology.

Always improving
Kauza is still working on new capacities for the products.

Long term aim for the business
Kauza plans to develop new products and to spread their brand. They are expecting to open their first shop. The company is launching its Amazon and EBay account to enable e.commerce and also to present their products to the world. The products will complement any contemporary, modern, or traditional home decor. The company is active on Social Networks. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, follow Kauza for more information and news from the company. See the latest products and benefit from the latests news and inedit pictures about the company. See also when Kauza is showing its products on showcase and never miss an occasion to encounter a member of staff to have a talk about the products.

Custom Design
If you wish to have your own design, whether it is a company sign (indoor or outdoor), personalised gift (e.g. portrait) or multiple products bearing own image, Kauza can make it.